Chasing Perfection


Lost in the darkness

Couldn’t seem to find my way around the arches

they said success was attainable

but I couldn’t hit the target,

told me I could have what I want

but I couldn’t get any farther,

stuck on achievement told myself I could always go harder,

limited distractions and slowly became a martyr,

gave up friends and family with hopes of something larger,

I see that I was wrong, I hope to become wiser

I use to think I was tired, I wasn’t..

I just lost hope and my fire

my situation was dire.

The Message:

Don’t create unrealistic expectations. Always re-check yourself.

If your vision isn’t something that’s attainable customize it and adjust it so it’s something that is.

Don’t waste your life away chasing the impossible. Be grateful for what you’ve been given, only then will you be ready to receive more.

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